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Sandy Feet.

Hello! How are you today(or night! ) My foot is finally getting better and from the looks of it I’ll be up and taking some more snaps in no time! (tomorrow hopefully)

Anyway, for now here is another image I took whilst in Cumbria of my sister wandering across a seemingly endless beach 🙂 The one thing that doesn’t come across in this shot is that it was around 5 degrees Celsius and we were fighting against a gale force wind! Oh, did I mention it was Summer? 😛 Who doesn’t love Britain’s weather? Another weird thing in this snap is the small squiggly things all over the sand! You can see them in the foreground of the picture and it would be really cool if someone actually told me what they were! haha! anyway! have a good night! (or day, depending on when you read this and where you are! :P)

Edit: Hey! you know that competition I told all you guys about? (2 or 3 posts ago) Well I may have accidentally given you the wrong email address :O What can I say? It was late! Anyway I changed it to the right one, but in case you can’t be bothered to scroll down, here is the right address 🙂 please send here as soon as possible! I’ll close this competition on Saturday next week so get editing!


Coffee In The Morning…

Ahh… Coffee! Isn’t it proof of human intelligence? This was probably my first piece of photography, which really inspired me to carry on! I was requested for a “natural” photo, so here it is!
This was taken on my holiday to Ireland, with my mum, cousin and uncle, which was probably the most exciting holiday to ever have! My extended family greeted us with horse and cart, what more could you want?

Weirdly enough, my dad, who was having a holiday in Scotland with my brother and sister at that time, also took a very similar photo, obviously not as good as mine though! 😛

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