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London theme!

Shard in the sky.


The final piece of the puzzle! This is the last photo under the London theme! Isn’t an amazing moment? Anyway this photo is a bit of an experiment as I tried using a new photo editing app, tell me what you think and remember to share this blog with your friends 😛


Old and New.

I don’t think my naming skills are that keen today, but I hope you like the picture! ;D This was taken as we were heading for the lost property of the DLR service in Poplar and I just thought what a stark contrast there was between the sky scraping buildings and the small, unkempt apartments less than a mile away. Of course I could go on about how it is not right that they leave the locals needs and wants out of the picture, but this is a photography blog, not a politics site! 😛 so I hope you enjoy!

by the way, the poll for the theme next week closes at 1:00 today, so get voting! ;D

Platform woes…


Ahh! Decided I would be extra generous today and post another picture! 😀 this one looks a bit ominous but, still I thought had an interesting undertone so here you go ;D

A Place in Stratford.


Good morning followers! How are you? Today is going to be a quick post, but I hope you like it 🙂

You asked me to give you a completely unedited version of a photo, so yesterday I went off to London to get some new photos, including this one 🙂 although it is HDR, it has no form of edits on it. 🙂

Millennium walk by the sun!

Ahhh the Millenium bridge! Always bustling with life and brimming with different cultures; To the north St. Paul’s Cathedral, an amazing piece of architecture and a beautiful building; to the south the Tate modern, a converted power plant that has some of the most famous pieces of modern art in the world held with in, not that modern art is particularly good 😛 but that’s just my opinion.

This picture was a bit stop and go unfortunately which is why the HDR seems to have failed slightly! On another note, I’m going to London today, so tomorrow you should see some freshly taken snaps! 😉

London’s Manhattan.

Good morning! Today’s photo is a snap from canary wharf in Cabot square. The reason I called it ‘London’s Manhattan is because the whole area was made to look American and resemble the manhattan area of New york!

This photo is pretty strange, I took it and made it look like a sunny, bright day, but where I was it was pouring with rain! It just hadn’t spread to the canary wharf yet :O

It Was a Bright, Cold Day in April

Who likes the creepy reference? Well even if you don’t you can hopefully enjoy this photograph taken a while back. I don’t remember the exact time though, and, to be honest, I’m pretty sure this wasn’t taken in April :O

The main reason I chose this picture and not anything else is down to the small bush on the bottom right of the photo. Apart from it helping the composition, it is pretty peculiar to see any sorts of vegetation on the side of the Thames!

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