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About the snapsticle!

This blog is getting REVAMPED! This means new content, better content, and more discussion and conversation as well as your own photography! This time there will less rules for me meaning I’ll be having more fun, and in turn, you! Of course I’ll still be trying to post as much as possible (around once a day)

Don’t be afraid to get involved! I promise to acknowledge any criticisms, suggestions or help from anyone, or just your opinion on anything! I am fine with submitting anyone else’s work on top of mine in case you want to showcase your work, It doesn’t just have to limited to photography however, It can be any artistic design, from paintings to graphic designs.

And finally, Please do share this with family and friends! more hits means more feedback, more feedback means a better site for everyone! If I start to get a substantial amounts of views per day I will definitely begin to invest a lot more time and effort into to this project of ours! šŸ™‚ Thanks for snapsticling, and goodnight! šŸ˜‰


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  1. I really like ur blog but i think u should post stuff that ppl could actually relate 2


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