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Today is the day when we remember all those who have died for what they believed in. They will not be forgotten.


A Grim Light.

Hello! How are you? Great! Well here is the latest addition to the blog! I hope you like it! It’s a sorta weird snap of Basildon center which has a certain depressing beauty to it! I mean the elegance of the statue as well as how monotone the whole photo appears with a few sparks of colour dashed here and there within the trees and in shining lights! Of course in real life Basildon has no sparks of colour in it! 😛

Anyway I hope you like it! And remember to vote for what theme you want next week on the previous post! 😀

The Life and Times of a Flower


Hey Everyone! I got a post for you! I took this around a week ago, back when these plants hadn’t been eaten by my cat which will seemingly eat anything, and I decided that this would be an amazing post to add to the collection! I hope you enjoy it!

Oh by the way, I forgot to make a poll on what you want next week on yesterdays post… So here it is!


Okay so I scanned through all my snaps of Guy Fawkes night and there were some truly weird and wonderful photos! Out of all of them i discovered these three which I took in rapid succession and displayed this snaptacular view of the fireworks going off with a bang! On a completely unrelated note, what […]

Flaming twigs


I’m Back! again… sorry about that :O But anyway last night was bonfire night in England so I thought, “why not take a picture of a  bonfire?”

This was the result! I tried taking some better ones as well as some snaps of  a fireworks… But unfortunately I was so cold by the that time that most of my photos were rubbish! Of course if I find a good one, I’ll post it tonight! 😉

The Shining Lights Of London.

Hello! Sorry for not posting yesterday and the day before 😦 There were some complications with the London thing and I had to get home early and it was difficult, and confusing and tiring. But I’ve finally got a computer back and so I can post again and here is another photo of later on in the day in London 🙂 I took this just after going to a very nice Chinese Restaurant called “Hong Kong Buffet” which had been visited by Gok Wan! (My sister went mad over that) But anyway this place is amazing for photos and cheap food!

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