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For The Record

Okay so this announcement is addressing basically everyone criticizing my work in the following ways:

  • That’s off Google!
  • Stop using Instagram! anyone can do that!
  • Why are you focusing on only half the stuff, idiot.

Obviously this doesn’t apply to most people, and I am really thankful of constructive/reasonable criticism. It is surprising, though, that such a large number have been making these repetitive and meaningless points!

Now I’m going to address each of these issues, one at a time:

  1. All of the photos so far have been mine, and I will be continuing to post my photos indefinitely! If I do happen to begin posting other peoples photography (probably my close friends) I would specify and create a new folder.
  2. I don’t use Instagram, or any other quick-fix, one click programs, for that matter. Not that using filters, is always a bad idea, but I don’t think they’re as professional, although it’s a matter of opinion. Either way I do not use any tools similar to that. I use the sorts of tools that selectively, adjust/enhance different areas of the photo or I just do a general adjust changing stuff like contrast or saturation
  3. This one actually really annoyed me, and I was surprised it came up so much. The basic reason that a camera can’t focus on the background and the foreground at the same time is because, like our own eyes, they adjust to one distance, and can only properly see that object. Also from an aesthetic standpoint, it almost always looks better, with a few exceptions, to have negative and positive space in terms of focus to help a composition.

Anyway, after that long rant, I just want to reinforce, I really encourage criticism to help me make a better blog and make it more fun for both of us,

Thank you and good night! 🙂


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  1. “can’t focus on the background and the foreground at the same time” – This makes it look much nicer, then if you have just plain focus, if you look at my pictures on my fb, you can see how it works nicely. Looking foward to more pictures Sam – Anurag

  2. Sam, well said and I think it’s quite awesome that you have commenting on this blog but could you please look into using ‘Disqus’ as a commenting system? It’s really good and widely used.


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